Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful“.

~ Albert Schweitzer ~


Our Story

Our name is representative of our philosophy, the belief that lies at the core of all our programs. Inspired by the sport


Corporate Learning

We offer expeditions that are wholly experiential, wholly online or a combination of both, creating synergy and providing


Corporate Social Responsibility

Flip The Reel will be your partner to light your way towards building goodwill in the communities you work with while you create

Our Approach—Personifie®

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”  ~Simon Sinek~

At Flip The Reel, we believe in a learning and development philosophy that mastering emotional competence is the key to succeeding in teams, as a leader, and as an individual across every facet of your life and work.

To Personifie® Emotional Competence, the learning has to be structured in a way that synergizes feeling, thinking and doing.

Hence, all our programs are based on a learning cycle that commences with how you Feel, motivates you to Think, teaches you to Analyze, and equips you to Create. The bottom line is to Personifie® learning that translates into actual, measurable change.

Expedition Design

Our expeditions are customised to match the need and learning targets of participants and offer a holistic experience providing each participant with the right platform for personal discovery and growth.

We believe that the components of Feeling, Thinking and Doing can be combined in various combinations to give the learner a plethora of options to design their own learning engagement. We offer expeditions that are wholly experiential, wholly online or a combination of both, creating synergy and providing a suitable platform for people with different learning styles.

Hybrid Programs

You get to be in the Driver’s seat! Flip The Reel’s most unique programs. Through these Hybrid Programs, we help you design a one of a kind program that has a combination of delivery options.

Experiential Workshops

Taking action learning to the next level, our workshops involve real life experiences that help learners immerse themselves into environments that help bring out multiple viewpoints of challenges and problems.


Our specially designed online programs allow for a high level of customisation letting the learner create e-learning solutions which cater to their specific learning needs.

Design Elements

It is our firm belief that for effective strategic learning, one must undergo all the stages of the learning cycle to internalize knowledge. And to make the learning effective, Flip the Reel provides various activities which contribute towards concrete experiences.

Our Overseas Partners

Flip The Reel is Going Global!

Ultilearn Solutions, a Canada based e-learning initiative, is our overseas technology and marketing partner giving Flip The Reel an opportunity to realize our vision of being able to make a difference and lead the change in the learning and development space across geographies.

As our partners, Ultilearn Solutions also provides Flip The Reel with state of the art learning technologies to help us offer a wide range of customizable learning solutions ranging from 100% online programs to tailor-made hybrid programs that feature experiential, classroom and online training platforms.

Our Expert Team Members

A dynamic and creative team to guide you through your learning journey.

Tabish Husain

Tabish Husain

Director – Marketing and Product Development

With Majors in both HR and Marketing, Tabish has worked in fortune 500 MNCs like 3M, BD and Abbott before co-founding Flip The Reel. She is a traveller and is inspired by the extra-ordinariness of ordinary people she meets. Having spent more than ten years in the corporate environment, her expertise lies in assessing learning needs and designing growth programs for individual contributors and businesses.

Tabish Husain

Director – Marketing and Product Development

Ankita Kishore

Ankita Kishore

Director –BD and Operations

A masters in human resource management, Ankita has facilitated workshops for Corporates like eServe, HDFC, Vodafone and has worked as business communication trainer for B-schools. She is a certified experiential trainer and truly believes that experience is the source of learning and growth. Two things keep her on her toes – passion for work & limitless energy. An athlete at heart, she’s fondly nicknamed ‘the walker’ by her friends.

Ankita Kishore

Director –BD and Operations

Runjhun Noopur

Runjhun Noopur

Consultant - Program Design and Delivery

Runjhun Noopur is an ex- corporate lawyer turned life coach cum entrepreneur and freelance writer. Co-founder of a life/leadership training organization called Creative Procepts, she is a life and leadership coach who specializes in-bound and out-bound experiential training programs that focus on capacity building and leadership solutions, catering to corporate, academic and government organization.

Runjhun Noopur

Consultant - Program Design and Delivery

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